10 Mistakes You Make When Pumping Gasoline

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There are plenty of ways to pump gasoline and if you are looking to get the best value when you’re next at the fuel bowser then it’s time to read on to find out the top ten mistakes you want to avoid when you’re next at the gas station.

1. Using Premium

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If you want to save up big on your gasoline you want to use regular gasoline rather than premium. Treating your car to fancy gasoline isn’t necessary and is going to cost you an arm and a leg over the life of your car. Unless your car manufacturer recommends premium, stick to regular gas and save bucket loads on your fuel costs.

2. Not Shopping Around

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You shop around for your clothes, your groceries, why don’t you shop around for your gasoline for your car? Unless your tank it running on empty, it’s important to do a quick drive around to check where is the best place to get your gasoline. If you drive for a couple of miles you could save up to a few cents a gallon or more, which will save you big time over a period of a year.


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