16 Natural Remedies That Are Tasty

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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but what happens when you come down with something and need some relief?

Fruits, vegetables and herbs have been used for centuries to cure common maladies. Today, many people rely on modern day medicine, but not everybody. The reason is because, according to many, natural remedies work. ‘Natural’ is typically better than ‘chemical’ for some, and nature has provided us with plenty of tools to take on our ailments, from acne to gout, from nausea to snoring. Maybe you know some natural remedies already. But some in this list you are sure to find surprising.

Antioxidants protect our cells and DNA, and they are in vegetables and tea, as well as a whole host of other things. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and can be found in herbs, roots, and fruits. And vitamins, taken in their natural form, are more effective in our bodies than in a manufactured format. Here are 15 natural remedies that are not only effective, they’re tasty. Well, 15 are tasty. (One smells nice.)



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