Dream Symbols: 50 Common Dream Images Decoded

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Though we all experience them on a nightly basis, dreams are mysterious occurrences; even scientists who study the brain have not been able to determine exactly why we dream. There are many different theories of dream interpretation, but most generally agree that dreams symbolize hidden aspects of our lives;

dreams are a way for us to recognize and process our unconscious fears, desires, and beliefs. Some people also believe that dreams can be omens that can warn us of upcoming changes or threats in our lives. At the most basic level, dreams are composed of images, symbols that come from our unconscious minds. As follows are the most popular interpretations for 50 common dream images, drawing on mythological and Jungian archetypes, folk wisdom, and a little bit of psychology (note that most images have multiple possible interpretations). What are your dreams trying to tell you?



An omen of good luck, prosperity, or protection

Delivery of an important message – Pay attention to what the angel or angels have to say.

Divinity, spirituality – Seeing three angels is considered especially holy and meaningful.



Habits, instincts – Animals are simplistic creatures and therefore represent the most basic drives and urges that are key to our survival.

Depends on animal size and tameness – Small, tame animals can represent children or siblings, while large, wild animals can represent exciting, sexy people.

Depends on animal type – See below entries for common dream animal images CatDogHorse, and Snake.


Purity and rebirth

Good luck – Could predict success or good news.

Vulnerability – You are feeling vulnerable or are anxious about taking care of a needy person.

Barrier (or Wall)


Feeling stuck, limited, or restricted – Could relate to your love life, work, or another area of your life where you feel trapped

An obstacle to success or progress that you need to confront


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