From Stainless Steel to Plastic

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Do you want to have straight teeth? Well, each of us would have answered the question with a resounding affirmation. But what if that was followed by another query involving stainless steel brackets coupled with a steep price?

Discouraging, isn’t it? A few decades ago, this was the usual scenario. However, given today’s highly developed cosmetic dentistry procedures, one can straighten his teeth without the use of metal wires.

Trading a Shinny Metal for a Clear Plastic

Majority of US Orthodontists are qualified, not to mention certified, to present their patients with invisalign braces. This wonderful cosmetic dentistry procedure can replace those chunky metal braces that everyone seems to despise. The company behind invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to properly straighten and position one’s teeth.


You need not worry about the gum irritation when metal comes in contact with one’s mouth. Second is the effortless brushing and flossing due to lack of obstruction. What else? As the aligner is removable, you may eat any food you want. It does not matter if it is hard or sticky, you can simply take off the clear plastic and start chewing. Have we mentioned that it is clear and therefore, unnoticeable? These are just a few of the magic created in the field of cosmetic dentistry.


As compared to the traditional braces, this may prove to be costly. Also this is not for kids and teens whose second molar has yet to come out. There are situations where fixed braces will be used for a short period of time prior to the use of invisalign.

Professional’s Advise

As with every dental treatment, it will all be contingent upon the assessment of your orthodontist. If the expert deems that invisalign will produce the most efficient and effective result, then by all means use the clear plastic aligner. If it is not, do not fret. There are a lot cosmetic dentistry procedures that will certainly fit your personal specifications as well as your financial limitation.

Other Options

As an adult, invisalign is the ideal choice. But this is not the only choice. There is the lingual brace, which is placed behind one’s teeth. This is best when treating an underbite, though this is less effective when it comes to overbites. Another downside is that it usually gets in the way of talking, and of course, eating.

Then there are the ceramic braces. These are the tooth-colored ones. Well, initially they have the same hue as that of your teeth. However, ceramics can be stained by coffee or tobacco.

Adults with inherent dental flaws, like gaps and misalignment, need not suffer or be upset for missing the opportunity of fixing them when they were younger. With today’s dental advancement and developed techniques, these spaces and malformation can be corrected.

With the overall shift, it is clear that times are changing. And with the innovation in cosmetic dentistry, the options will only get better. Nowadays, metal mouth and brace face are no longer appropriate. Braces are not merely for kids. And obviously, this is not simply a teenage thing.


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