Getting Paid to Take Surveys Online

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You can get paid to take surveys online, be paid cash for surveys, for only sharing your opinion. Large companies want to know what consumers think. They want to know what YOU think about potential new products, advertising campaigns they are paying for and products and services they sell.

They hire market research experts to measure consumer preferences. The market researchers use surveys and focus groups to find out what consumers prefer, what they think.

To get enough people to volunteer and participate, many surveys are now made on a paid basis. Participants receive checks in the mail or deposits in their PayPal accounts in return for participating in surveys and filling out questionnaires.

Almost anyone can participate. If you are a consumer, 18 or over, with Internet access and enough technical skills to send and receive e-mails, then you qualify. Everyone who buys and uses things like food, clothing, cosmetics — any kind of consumable products — is a consumer.

To participate you need to arrange to get your name and contact info on the lists of survey makers, the people who invite you to participate in the surveys they are making. The trick here is to get on the lists of those survey makers who pay in cash or equivalent. About 20% of them pay in cash; 80% do not.

The best way to get lists of survey makers is through paid survey sites. There are hundreds of these and they come in two different types, paid and free. The paid sites charge a small, one-time membership fee. As a member you get a copy of their current list. The free sites offer lists at no charge.

What is important to know here is that there are two ways that these sites make money. They make money from collecting membership fees and they make money from the survey makers who pay them recruitment fees to find new survey participants. Naturally, these sites are going to follow their own economic interests.

The way this works out is that the survey makers that pay well (the 20%) either don’t pay recruitment fees (because they don’t have to to get new participants) or pay very small rewards to existing participants who bring in other participants, such as their friends, relatives, etc.

The no-pay/low-pay survey makers are constantly losing survey participants, so they must pay fees to recruiters. Basically, the worse they are at paying their participants, the more participants they lose and the higher recruiting fees they must pay to get new ones!

So the way the sites offering free lists can pay for ads to attract new participants and still make a profit is from the high recruiting fees they collect. They only offer survey makers that pay them, which means only survey makers in the no-pay or low-pay (80%) categories.

To get paid to take surveys online, paid cash for survey you want as many good survey makers in the paying (20% group as you can get. To find these the paid sites are your best bet, especially those that have a strong money-back guarantee.

These paid sites can afford to offer survey makers that do not pay them, because their members are paying them. And, they have to pick good ones to keep their members happy so they won’t demand their money back!

So pick a paid survey site with a strong money-back guarantee and a low refund rate. You will get the most survey-makers in the paying (20%) group. You will then actually get paid to take surveys online, be paid cash for surveys and make money with these paying survey makers.


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