How Shopping Online Can Save you Money

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Want to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by shopping online? There are many advantages to shopping online and it can prove to be beneficial to buy products from online shopping sites. In this article you will learn how online product prices are dramatically cheaper and how to shop online safely.

Many people are not aware that prices online are much cheaper than buying products from retail outlets and those who do know of this information are not aware exactly how the prices are dropped so significantly. Retail prices are expensive because of the postage costs that are involved. For example, a retailer purchases stock from the manufacturer which comes with an additional postage cost, then the retailer sells the product to its customers for 10-25% extra price to get its profits.

Now I will show you the online process where you buy directly from the manufacturer. You place an order online from the manufacturer, for example Nike shoes, Nike will charge you for the shoes and the additional postage cost and that is all, as you can see the retailers commission is gone which means you can save 10-25% right there! So you can see that the theory is quite simple, online shopping simply cuts out the retailers commission which saves you hundreds of dollars.

Now most of you are probably wondering how to shop safely, I bet everyone has been scared at one point to enter their credit card details online once. Well now there is a simple and safer solution and that is PayPal. PayPal is an online transaction company that is well reputable and is accepted almost everywhere on the internet. Now your probably still wondering why do the risks of using my credit card with PayPal reduce?

OK lets think about it for a second. PayPal is a million dollar company, if you have the idea that they will scam you then think again, they will never risk losing their reputation to simply steal 5k or even 200k. Also people are also worried about hackers or crackers, well with PayPal holding details to millions of bank accounts have placed the best security systems in place to clear any risks of hackers.

So by now you should have a good idea how prices on the internet are so cheap and the best way to shop safely online with one of the most secure companies on your side.


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