The Top 5 Items You Need In Your Emergency Kit

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Are you prepared for a disaster?

The last three years have seen the number of natural disasters and other types of disasters rise significantly throughout the world. Due to the increasing number of these disasters occurring civilians should be prepared by keeping an emergency kit in the car and at home.

Recent research found that it takes an average person fourteen minutes to evacuate. Being prepared will mean life or death.

Below are five items that you need in case of an Emergency Situation. Whether it’s a natural disaster or something more sinister keeping these items in an emergency kit will ensure the safety and well being of you and your family.

1. Water

Having on hand filtered water is essential for you and your family to keep hydrated during a disaster. One gallon per person per day for three days is the recommended amount of filtered water to store for a disaster situation. However, at a time when you have to evacuate the house quickly, carrying that amount of water for a family of four would be difficult. Luckily there are filtration straws on the market that would come in very handy, one brand is called Fixt Survival Straw. These straws work like a regular drinking straw except the person has to use extra force to suck up the contaminated water through a small filtration system.

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