What is the Nutri System Diet?

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Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. Through constant research conducted by companies, and doctors, many diets are very effective, and can be used no matter what lifestyle a person leads. There are now millions of different options available for the different needs, and habits of each dieter.

It goes without saying that the Nutri System diet would have to be one of the most flexible and easy to use diets for effective weight-loss around. This is simply because it takes the guess work out of dieting, by educating dieters on what they need to do to lead a healthier lifestyle, and providing pre-packaged prepared meals for each day.

How Does The Nutri System Diet Work?

The plan is unique in the way it takes into account each individual on the diet, and calculates things such as age, height, weight and gender of the person to provide the best possible chance at weight loss. It works on a low fat diet plan, but it does not starve the body of essential fat intake, or much needed carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate intake is based on the glycemic index, and provides a healthy source of carbohydrates, and a lowered fat intake to promote weight loss. By using this approach, the person on the diet notices a reasonably quick reduction in weight without losing energy, or feeling irritable.

What makes this weight loss program very simple for the dieter is that the plan does not require the person to count calories, or prepare their meals according to a plan. This type of diet is especially beneficial for those who lead a busy lifestyle, multi task, or would prefer to depend on others to plan their meals, and calculate the proper amount of food intake needed to lose weight, and stay healthy. Many people who want to control their tendency to over eat can also benefit from having prepared meal portions.

Basically, the Nutri System diet plan is a balanced diet calculated individually for each person using it, and the correct amount of food intake that will speed up the process of weight loss is already provided. Providing pre-packaged meals, prepared for the individual, makes sure that the correct amounts of food are eaten, as well as the correct types of foods to promote weight loss.

This eating plan works by following a basic guide of providing around 60% of carbohydrates, with the avoidance of carbohydrates that contain high amounts of starches in them, 20% protein, and 20% fats.

Pros And Cons Of The Nutri System Diet

Like any diet, there are always pros and cons. One of the two major cons of the diet would have to be the dependency that the person on the plan has when they are using pre-prepared meals rather than being educated on how to prepare a healthy meal. Another con is the cost to participate in the program, as the food, and preparation from the company can be costly.

Some people may not be able to afford to use this diet plan, or may feel that the dependency on the pre-prepared meals is a bad thing. However, there are others that favor this method of dieting as they do not have to follow a weight loss regimen, count their calorie intake, or even prepare their own meals, since the food needed for each day is already prepared, and ready to be eaten.

The diet teaches the dieter to control their hunger, and educates the person on what is an appropriate amount of food needed for each meal to stay healthy, and lose weight. Those using it are also given a weekly counseling, teaching the person how to exercise to complement their weight loss efforts, and how each person’s calorie intake is calculated, depending on the individual’s needs.

Although the person following this method of losing pounds can become dependent on the pre-packaged meals, they are also educated on how to maintain their weight long-term afterwards. By using the skills taught in the weekly training course, those on the diet plan can learn how to control their weight after they have reached their desired weight goal, by preparing their own meals based on their unique calculations.

This weight loss diet is not for everyone. Although, for the right people who are looking for already prepared meals, and quick healthy weight loss, the Nutri System diet plan is a very effective way to lose unwanted weight.


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